RRR's The Urbanists – summer replacement for "The Architects" on RRR. Urban planning program about the way the modern city does (and doesn’t) work


RRR’s The Urbanists will return for 2013-14 as the summer replacement for The Architects. The program is of course on independent Melbourne radio station 3RRR, which is here:


We will be doing some things differently from, and some things the same as, our first run of summer shows in 2012-13.

We’ll look at the stories behind the places where you live – the pressures, conflicts and charms of Melbourne’s urban environments. Featuring live interviews, news, arguments and insights. A show about the way the modern city does (and doesn’t) work. 7pm Tuesdays on 3RRR (that’s 102.7 on the fm dial, or listen online),  returning December 3rd 2013.


Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor fields an average of 1 to 2 inquiries per week about her name, her 8 marriages, and her recent death.  She is a qualified town planner, but has not planned any towns lately and has instead worked mainly in housing research as a mapping nerd at NATSEM, .id, AHURI-RMIT, DPCD and other unwieldy acronyms. Her post-doctoral research at the University of Melbourne is exploring the dynamics of Not In My Back Yard cases (NIMBY) – local opposition to (a weird and wonderful variety of) land use changes. In the murky area between work and spare time she enjoys reading objection letters; VCAT cases; angry comments threads under planning articles; euphemistic signs; and local paper articles featuring residents crossing their arms. She and her husband Andrew and ancient cat Robin divide their lives between inner Melbourne and an old hall in Elmore, northern Victoria. Elizabeth also plays in (and writes blogs for) obscure Melbourne country folk band Taylor Project:


David Nichols

David Nichols is an urban historian who lectures in urban planning at the University of Melbourne.  He lives in Broadmeadows with his wife (the artist/musician Mia Schoen) and a gaggle of pets. His last regular 3RRR timeslot was Sunday mornings in 1982. His most recent book was The Bogan Delusion (Affirm Press, 2011) and his next one will be Trendyville (co-authored with Graeme Davison and Renate Howe, Monash University Publishing, 2014). He irregularly blogs at




and his personal blog is at



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