RRR's The Urbanists – summer replacement for "The Architects" on RRR. Urban planning program about the way the modern city does (and doesn’t) work

Episode 10: So Far, SOAC

IMG_4309The first episode of The Urbanists for the 2013/14 season is mainly about the SOAC (State of Australian Cities) conference we both attended (and presented at) in Sydney the previous week. The SOAC website is here (and includes the downloadable papers).

Topics discussed include:

  • The Abbott government’s interest in high-speed rail
  • The rise and fall of house prices in Melbourne in 2013
  • Conferenceville
  • Mentoring PhD students
  • Greg Hunt/ Alan Hunt
  • Community attitudes in Green Square and Fairfield (NSW)
  • Why people drive
  • What our SOAC papers were about

Our interviewees were Anthony Kent, Isaac Middle and ‘friend of the show’ Lucy Groenhart. We also conducted three other interviews: one of them was so poor in sound quality it was unplayable and the other two we simply didn’t have room for: Iderlina Mateo-Babiano and another friend of the show, Helen Rowe.


I (David) was so impressed by Elizabeth’s slides during one of her two presentations at SOAC I took a photo. 


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