RRR's The Urbanists – summer replacement for "The Architects" on RRR. Urban planning program about the way the modern city does (and doesn’t) work

The RRR Urbanists return for another summer, from December 3rd 2013

RRR’s The Urbanists will return for 2013-14 as the summer replacement for The Architects. The program is of course on independent Melbourne radio station 3RRR, which is here:


We will be doing some things differently from, and some things the same as, our first run of summer shows in 2012-13.

We’ll look at the stories behind the places where you live – the pressures, conflicts and charms of Melbourne’s urban environments. Featuring live interviews, news, arguments and insights. A show about the way the modern city does (and doesn’t) work. 7pm Tuesdays on 3RRR (that’s 102.7 on the fm dial, or listen online),  returning Tuesday December 3rd 2013.

The first episode will feature some interviews from and discussion of the 2013 State of Australian Cities (SOAC) conference that David and Elizabeth both recently attended in Sydney.

A lot has happened in urban and related policy and research this year, so we might start with a bit of a roundup of that – to continue over the forthcoming episodes.


The RRR Urbanists – a view on Australian urban stuff (from unpopularly large Coburg development, November 2013). (Thanks to Annette and Stefan for the German globe).

less traffic

Transport stuff: an East West Link promo with inadvertently well placed tram and movie poster. (Carlton December 2013).

save this carpark

“Save this car park” – Alphington Station, November 2013. Competition for space between housing, people and cars continues to be a hot-button Melbourne issue.


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